In Stock
The only way we can offer all of the customizing options we do, is to make everything to order. “In Stock” means that we currently have the materials required to build that item. Orders that include “in stock” items are subject to our lead times, as the items still have to be produced.

Out of Stock
When we do not have the required materials to make an item, it will be marked as “out of stock”, and you will not be able to add that item to your cart. Once we receive confirmation on the arrival of more materials, the listing will change to “Pre-Order” status, and you will be able to order that item. Please note, pre-orders add an additional 6-8 weeks to our standard lead times.

After your order has been submitted, we will begin the process of building your order to the specifications you've provided.

Order changes
Order changes are possible, however they are not guaranteed. We recommend double checking your order details to make sure everything is correct. If you need to make a change, email us as quickly as possible. If possible, we can update your order.

Lead Times
We pride ourselves on the quality, craft, and durability of our sabers and other products. Because of this, we do not rush any order. These are handmade products made with care. Depending on various factors, our lead times may grow or shrink. This means that your order may take more (or less) time depending on a few factors:

Availability of materials
Time of year (holidays, etc.)
Volume of orders
Your order will ship when every item has been completed.
Approximate manufacturing time for sabers:
Initiate sabers: 1 - 2 weeks
Sabers with electronics: 12 - 15 weeks
Additional 1 - 3 weeks with custom wraps
No additional weeks with custom finishes
Approximate manufacturing for parts:
1 - 2 weeks
No additional weeks with custom finishes
Approximate manufacturing for Plug and Play electronics:
2 - 3 weeks
All other items excluding instant delivery gift cards:
2 - 3 weeks
Promotional sales can not be retroactively applied to a placed order. Promotions can not be combined with previous offers. However, if there was an error while placing your order, or a discount code was entered but no discount was applied, please contact us as soon as possible. Shipping costs, applied taxes or any other additional costs do not count towards free item giveaway tier rewards.

Store wide Sale Exclusions
Eco Sabers
Mystery Sabers
The Count
Fallen Order
Dark Rey
Exclusive/Limited Runs
Scratch & Dent/Bulk/By weight items
Shipping your order

International Shipping
International shipping time is 7-15 business days.

International customers, please be advised that most countries have an import process that includes a customs inspection, and for most countries an import tax may be charged to recipients of goods from abroad. Be sure to check your tracking number when you get our shipping confirmation email in a few weeks and to keep an eye on its progress in case your country requires you to pay an import tax to pick up your goods, or to have them delivered.

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