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Can Saber be dueled?

Our Sabers are rated for full contact dueling. It can withstand heavy dueling, even with Kendo Boken and nylon scrap paper.


Some sabres may develop sharp edges during the machining process. Before engaging in any contact duel (as with any type of duel) we recommend that you wear appropriate safety protection for your hands, body and face. This includes but is not limited to: gloves, body armour, face shields and helmets.


Saberforms is not responsible for any injuries resulting from sabre shows, combat choreography or duels.


What type of LED does your Sabre use?

For the Apprentice, Elite and Champion Sabres we have quad-cree qxe or tri-cree xpe2 modules fitted to the brass plate. Our Crossguard sabres include a 12 watt LED for the main blade and two 6 watt LEDs for the side blades. 6 watt LEDs use two 3 watt modules. Our Eco sabre comes with 1 Cree XPE-2 LED.


Can I make my own sabre?

Yes, we offer a large selection of parts for custom sabres through our Adaptive Sabre Parts System. With ASP, you can design and build your own custom sabre.


*It is recommended to build your hilt entirely in ASP for best results. Not all of our pre-assembled sabers are compatible with ASP.


*Timing spacers are highly recommended as they may require adaptive sabre parts aligned to your preference.


*Some builds will require additional parts, depending on the build, such as couplers or adapters.


Parts that are not compatible with Plug and Play electronics


Cross-protected emitters

Angled emitters

Bent bodies.

If you are using any of these parts in an ASP build, choose a specialist assembly kit.


Do you build replicas from the movies or Star Wars fx lightsabers?

No. We are not affiliated with Lucas ltd. We are not affiliated with Lucas ltd. or Disney, and we do not make Star Wars replica lightsabers from any movies, video games, or comic books. Our designs, colours and sounds do not match anything used in movies, games, comics or any other media .


Do you offer expedited orders?

We are unable to accept expedited requests at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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